National Coalition Against Violent Athletes



It Starts in the Locker Room.

It starts with you. Violence against women is your issue.

As an athlete, your sphere of influence is paramount to ending violence against women. You are recognized on campus, in your communities and by the public at large.  Your voice, and your actions, carry impact. Arm yourselves with the statistics and information necessary to become the leader your team needs in the fight against violence against women.  

The locker room can be a breeding ground for attitudes that support violence against women and statistics show that athletes commit violence against women more than their non-athlete counterparts. So, now that you have asked your teammates to take the pledge, print out a few copies of How You Can Stand up Against Rape Culture so that your teammates are equipped to help end rape in their circle of influence.

Violence against women will affect your on the field performance as reports of violence is not only a distraction for the team, but can hurt the team's cohesiveness on the field and the mental game.  And of course, if your team has a zero tolerance policy, as it should, perpetrators of violence won't play. Violence against women will hurt your future.  

Working with the NCAVA will help your recruiting and draft status, increase your visibility and standing in your community and will be an asset to your athletic endeavors.

Athletes are leaders.

When equipped, athletes can be powerful, influential voices in the fight to end violence against women in their communities, campuses and organizations.

Lend my voice.

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