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Don't Be Silent.

The National Coalition Against Violent Athletes supports survivors of athlete violence through counseling services, legal services and advocacy services. Our services are vital to ensuring that a survivor receives as much information possible in order to make informed decisions and remove the elements of fear in moving forward.

Of course, the goal of the NCAVA is to minimize the number of victims of violence, therefore, we also work with men and women to educate them on the issues of sexual assault and relational violence. We also strive to help those who become the support persons in the survivor's life.  Feel free to download and print After a Friend's Been Assaulted so that you can respond compassionately and knowledgeably to the sexual assault of a friend or loved one.

Our If You've Been Raped handout helps survivors to know their rights after being assaulted and offers suggestions as to how to respond in the immediate
aftermath of sexual assault to improve their chances of justice.

Don't believe the Myths About Rape. Be informed and empowered.

Why We're Different:

"Almost four years ago we learned that our daughter had been sexually assaulted while in her third year of college.  After receiving no assistance from her school, from local or state police, crisis/women's centers and being turned away from three attorneys because of lack of evidence, we felt hopeless, frustrated and angry. After some Google searching and because the attackers were athletes I came across the NCAVA website. For the first time we felt that someone really understood what was happening. The NCAVA  was a Godsend. They gave us advice, support and courage. They referred us to a victims right attorney, handled the media, counseled us and contacted the university on our behalf.  This organization needs to be this specialized because there is no help for victims of people with high status and high value.  Without the NCAVA's support and referrals, our daughters voice would not have been heard and changes at the school would not have been made. Today, my daughter is helping other victims which continues her healing process."


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