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Survivors of sexual and domestic violence share their experiences.

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Katherine Redmond

Katherine Redmond started the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes when her historic Title IX case against the University of Nebraska and her perpetrators was settled in 1997. After learning how to navigate the system that protects athletes and vilifies victims, she announced its formation in New York City in 1998 and made ending athlete violence her life mission.

Since the formation of the NCAVA, Redmond, a former college lacrosse player, has forged herself as a national expert in athlete violence and response. She is a gender-based violence prevention and response consultant to the New England Patriots and Major and Minor League Baseball.

Since the NCAVA’s inception, Ms. Redmond has been a key player, expert and consultant in national cases against universities and athletes.  She also tours the country developing and empowering college and professional athletes to understand and challenge the rape culture in athletics and society.

Redmond also sits on the Advisory Board of the College Sports Research Institute and the National Institute for Sports Reform. Redmond was named Swiffer's Amazing Woman of the Year, an Everyday Hero by Reader’s Digest and was nominated for Cosmopolitan Magazine's Fabulous Female award, among others.

Redmond lives in beautiful Denver, Colorado with her two amazing boys, Adam and Micah. Her mom, Sharon, lives nearby and is a frequent commentator on her life, unannounced visitor to her home and an awesome grandma. :)


Rasheeda Watley

Rasheeda Watley was born in Houston, Texas and moved to Atlanta at the age of 10.  At 12, she met a young boy named Brandon Marshall. At 17, she moved out of the house and by her early twenties, she and Brandon were in a romantic, committed relationship. 

Rasheeda was his best friend, girlfriend and strong support. She supported his dream of becoming a professional football player and went through the grueling, stressful stages of the NFL draft process with him. It was then that she noticed the change in his behavior and personality.  By the time he became a starter in the NFL, their relationship was being chronicled in police blotters and media reports. After four years of turbulence, reports of stabbing and beatings and pressure to stay, Rasheeda left and charted a new course for her life. 

Suffering from PTSD, anxiety and paranoia, Rasheeda resolved to depend on herself.  She pursued a Culinary Arts degree and has turned her passion for cooking into a business as a successful pastry chef in Atlanta. She thoroughly enjoys baking, cooking, traveling and raising her beautiful five-year-old daughter, Rienna. 

Watley has made a promise to herself to be a part of the change that the NFL needs by standing up for abused women afraid to leave or come forward, and educate athletes on healthy relationships violence prevention. 

“I want the world to know my story so women are no longer victims of violent behaviors and men are empowered to prevent it."


Alison Jennings

Alison Jennings started college at Montana State University but transferred to Oklahoma State University to follow in her father’s footsteps. While attending OSU, she was targeted and sexually assaulted by four members of their football team. The detective appeared at her rape exam with a waiver of prosecution contract that she signed under duress. Her rape exam was destroyed within three days and according to documents, the football coach was heard to say, "The bitch shouldn't have been at the party." Alison went through five years of subsequent lawsuits.

Alison has appeared on CNN, Dateline NBC, Fox News, Greta Van Susteren, amongst others. Periodicals such as the New York Times covered her case. She has been the keynote speaker at three national university Take Back the Night rallies, and started a 501c3 non-profit to help victims of sexual assault in 2010. More recently, Alison spoke to MLB spring training players with Kathy Redmond. A book about Alison’s case is currently in process.

Alison Jennings was born in Phoenix, AZ and has lived in 15 other states. She is a world traveler and
loves meeting new people and seeing new places. She currently resides in Seattle. Alison was a competitive athlete from elementary school all the way through high school, and has maintained her athleticism into adulthood, including receiving her personal training certificate.

She is currently in sales and PR for a specialty car dealership and for Aston Martin.