National Coalition Against Violent Athletes



The NCAVA works to eliminate off the field violence by athletes through the implementation of prevention methods that recognize and promote the positive leadership potential of athletes within their communities.  In order to eliminate violence, the NCAVA is dedicated to empowering individuals affected by athlete violence through comprehensive services including advocacy, education and counseling.

Game Plan

Athletes are role models and leaders in our communities who carry heavy influence over societal standards, especially with children.  The purpose of The National Coalition Against Violent Athletes is to educate the public on a variety of issues regarding athletes and violent behavior while also providing support to the victims, including but not limited to, advocacy, referrals and research. We also strive to promote positive athlete development through education, support and accountability. In doing so, we work to curb the escalation of athlete violence and create an environment in which people are equally respected and equally held accountable. 

We work to change the entitlement given to athletes through a system in which athletes have little fear of reprisal. In doing so, we can restore the reputation of athletes and athletic teams while helping victims restore their sense of value and self worth.

Play Book

  • To bring public awareness to the issue of athlete violence against women.
  • To promote positive development and leadership in athletes.
  • To educate coaches, management, and the public on violence prevention and assessment.
  • To work with the governing bodies of sports to implement policies regarding athlete violence.
  • To equip athletes to end violence against women.
  • To educate victims on prevention and accountability.
  • To give support to victims.
  • To ensure the rights of victims.