National Coalition Against Violent Athletes



The NCAVA works to eliminate off the field violence by athletes through the implementation of prevention methods that recognize and promote the positive leadership potential of athletes within their communities.  

Started by Katherine Redmond in 1997 after the conclusion of her Title IX lawsuit against the University of Nebraska, the NCAVA was formed to address toxic sports culture and empower survivors to come forward. 

Athletes are role models and leaders in our communities who carry heavy influence over societal standards, especially with children. The National Coalition Against Violent Athletes strives to promote positive athlete development through education, support and accountability. We also work to advocate for and support survivors. Because we work with survivors and athletes, we are uniquely able to aid in prevention.

"The message greatly impacted our players and made it clear to the Royals staff that this presentation is vital to our team. Our players are an investment into the Royals organization and ensuring that they stay out of trouble and treat women with respect minimizes any risk to that investment. The message they received helps us feel confident in our players' ability to think when risky situations arise and to do the right thing."
Scott Sharp, Kansas City Royals

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